“Festival” Challenge 2017

Summerfest is 50 years old this year and we celebrate it and the multitude of other festivals and fairs in Wisconsin with this year’s challenge. Join in the fun and create something that represents a festival that is memorable for you. Portray the entire festival or just a part of it – for example a concert at Summerfest, a game at a church festival, a ride at State Fair. Included with the form is a partial list of the many festivals we enjoy in Wisconsin. Choose one of those or any other festival that you want to represent. As always, your creation must contain at least one bead. The Guidelines (linked below) explain the design and submission requirements in detail.

We want to encourage everyone to participate in this year’s Challenge. If you are a beginner, do not let the word “Challenge” deter you from submitting! No matter what level beader you are, your work will be grouped with the work of others on the same level, either beginner, intermediate or advanced. Submissions are due at or before the September meeting and judging will be done at the October meeting by the members in attendance. First, second and third place award certificates to your favorite local bead store will be given in each of the three levels, for a total of nine awards. Don’t miss the chance to showcase your creativity and possibly win one of the award certificates.

Documents you'll need:

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