The Spring bead-in had a huge response with two optional classes taught by Irina Miech of Eclectica Beads and open beading available to everyone. Lunch was subs and cookies and candy were abundant the entire day. The classes filled and the free beading room was full as well. (Photos by Pat Harvey are here.) Some of the members brought beaded pieces to be photographed in the Lightbox. (You can see them here.)

Attendees in the morning class, 'Spiny Spirals: Pendant and Earrings' were treated to a pattern that Irina is including in an upcoming book - a collection of organic designs in wire. Most members were able to get their pieces done including a quick dunk in a liver of sulfur bath. Irina's husband Tony assisted her with some of the set-up work during the classes.

After lunch participants learned a technique for framing a cabochon using wire and a variation of the Viking weave. While the technique was challenging - kinks in wire are hard to deal with - the results were forgiving and most people were able to finish this project as well. Irina was generous with her praise and instructions.

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