Book Title: Spiral Ropes
Author: Claudia Schumann
ISBN: 978-3-940577-26-9

I recently bought this book and I actually made something from it!! Usually, I buy books, look through them, buy the beads necessary to make a project, and then it sits in my UFO section.

I love spiral ropes. I have made many over the years, mainly as a rope on which to hang a pendant. This books takes you many steps farther, and uses a variety of beads to make stand-alone bracelets that need no further embellishment.

The author gives you some basic instructions on spiral stitch, and then the rest of the book contains patterns for all the variations, using bugle beads, large beads, small beads, etc.

I liked this format, because I already know something about spiral stitch (I don’t need any instructions in the stitch), but I am not so skilled at combining beads to create an unusual effect. The book contains dozens of projects, and lists the beads required to make the stitch.

 SpiralRopeBook small Bracelet small

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