Wild Things with J-Me and Guy

After the June business meeting, Wild Things’ J-Me and Guy shared their business-story and some of the history of glass buttons and beads from the Czech Republic. They also brought plenty of their product for members to browse and purchase. Guy explained some of the history of the Czech glass industry which began in the 1400s. Jablonec in particular became an important bead and button manufacturing region. You can read in much more detail at their website. Today, most of the buttons coming from the Czech Republic are being made by two men and there are no young people interested in learning the trade so glass buttons will soon be gone. There are still 20 to 30 glass bead manufacturers in the area but that trade is also shrinking.

J-Me went on to describe the actual process of making a glass button and bead. She explained that size 15 seed beads are no longer being made. She also described the 24K gold coated beads she invented.

After the talk, members were invited to look at samples of the buttons and beads and tools they brought from their collection.


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