Robert Jennik - Glass Artist

Robert Jennik, local glasswork artist was the guest speaker at the March meeting. Jennik studied Fine Arts in the 1990s and has worked in a variety of media including metalworking. At one point he did bodywork for high-end bikes. In the mid-90s he turned to glasswork and found it a challenging medium that he couldn't let go. After many trial and errors he began to perfect his technique and develop his style. Glasswork continues to challenge his creative drive. It's been 21 years and many transformations since he began.

He shared slides illustrating both his equipment and some of his developing style including his early spiral beads. After about five years he began to flatten his beads and continued from there. He showed photos of the glass nails and toothpicks he makes and his recent work exploring six layer chevron and venetian cane.

Another medium he works in consistently is rawhide. He continues to make leather drums, rattles and other items. Jennik also paints but only occasionally.


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