Retreat 2016 – A Fun and Successful Event

Retreat 2016 has come and gone and it felt like it sped by way too fast. Sixty LBS members attended and had a fantastic time beading, taking classes and attending a special LBS only event at Funky Hannah’s hosted by owner Amanda Paffrath. Fun was had by all at these events as demonstrated by the many positive comments received by the Special Events Committee members during and after the Retreat.

This year was the first time the Retreat was at capacity which is a tribute to all the time and work the Special Events Committee put into planning the Retreat. Also, no classes had to be cancelled due to not meeting the class minimums set by each instructor. In fact, several classes added students with the instructor’s permission. The Explore Glass workshop at the Hot Glass Shop even added a second session to enable more members to take that workshop. Thanks and gratitude goes to the eight instructors that taught the twelve classes at the Retreat.

Of course, it is hard not to mention the fabulous gift bag that each attendee enthusiastically received. The bags were chock full of goodies generously provided by many companies and with additions provided by LBS. Although these companies were acknowledged publicly at the March monthly meeting, they should be known to every LBS member and patronized for their contributions to an LBS event. The companies and contributors are listed below along with their web site addresses in the hope that you will consider them when you need supplies.

Bead Dreamers 
Diakonos Designs 
Eclectica Beads 
Fire Mountain Gems 
Funky Hannah’s 
Fusion Beads 
Goody Beads 
Kalmbach Publishing Co. 
Knot Just Beads 
Meant To Bead 
Midwest Beads 
Prima Bead – Cousin Corp.Of America Of America 
Rings & Things 
Rio Grande 

Check out the big smiles on just a few of the members at the Retreat. They are sending a big “thank you” to all the contributors for the great gift bags.

The Special Events Committee members should also be acknowledged and thanked for their impact to the success of the Retreat. The committee is aptly named “Special” Events Committee because all of the members are truly “special” in their dedication to the Retreat and the other events planned by the Committee. The members of the committee are: Kat Feldman, Carol Haiar, Katy Hess, Kathy Merrill, Becky Prusak, Geri Skonieczny, Kate Van Eyck, Kathy Willmering, and Maureen Bartz. The Committee held a wrap up meeting for Retreat 2016 and already has ideas to make “Retreat 2017” another great event for LBS. We hope to see you there!

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