October Means Business

The October meeting was all business: filling the open Board positions, voting for challenge pieces and a report by Treasurer Allyn Steffan on the budget and status of our finances. Cory O'Brien Borkowski, UWM Jewelry and Metalsmithing student, and recipient of an LBS scholarship joined us with a few of her friends and family.

Speeches were presented by the candidates: Tris Whittington for President-elect, Deb Dunn for VP-Programs and incumbent Becky Prusack and long-time member Susan Beal for Secretary. After the speeches a vote was taken and quickly counted. Becky Prusack will continue in the Secretary position while the other positions will be filled by two new faces.

Of course, everyone was excited to see this year's Challenge pieces. For the first time a 'Student Choice' award was going to be made in addition to the usual categories.

Here's what our guest student judge and recent scholarship recipient Cory O'Brien Borkowski had to say about her experience: 

"Before the meeting, I had done some research into the Loose Bead Society but didn't have a clear picture of what to expect from the contest. When I saw the intricate and diverse selection of work, I was deeply impressed. The amount of love and hard work that went into the pieces was clearly evident and astounding. It was truly a hard decision to make! I was stuck between three choices but had to narrow it down to one. The reason I decided on the piece I chose was due to the hidden moments within the work. There were subtle details in the pendant that aided in the necklace's beauty and tied everything together. 

I loved being part of the event and getting an up close and personal view of the lovely work created by the membership of the Loose Bead Society." 

After everyone had time to view and vote for the challenge pieces including Cory, the winners were announced. Here are some of their happy faces:

Beginners: first place - Lorene Dalsant, second place - Amy L. Thomas. (There was no third place due to only two entries in this category.)

Intermediate: first place - Kim Ogle, second place - Kandy Stamborski, third place - Suzanne Stimac.

Advanced: first place - Susan Beal, second place - Yvonne Duesterhoeft, third place - Bonnie DeSautelle

Student Choice Award - Carol S. Surges



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