May 2016 "Spotlight on Vendors:" Knot Just Beads

There was a lot going on at the May meeting:

Maureen Bartz unveiled Challenge 2016 or the “Leap Year” Challenge. When members signed up to participate they received a packet of four beads at least one of which has to be used in their completed piece.  Sign-ups will continue through the summer. Guidelines can be found here. The submission form can be found here.

More volunteers were needed for the raffle and coat check tables at the Bead and Button Show and President-elect Bonnie deSautelle and Community Service Chair Jan Mueller made an appeal for help that was underscored with testimonials from several members and the guest speaker. Name tags for entry to the show were ready to be picked up at the end of the program. Contact Bonnie to find a time when you can help.

Kim Rueth of Knot Just Beads was the evening’s guest speaker. This was the second installment of the ‘Spotlight on Vendors’ series. Cindy Collins, Program Chair, prompted Kim with questions to keep the meeting flowing.  It turned out Kim Rueth was one of the founding members of LBS. She’s been in the bead business for 23 years but her interest in seed beads began as a very young girl when she sold beaded rings at the neighborhood lemonade stand for a nickel. Since 1992, she’s had store fronts at three locations.  Currently, she owns the 76th and Coldspring Road building so no further moves are anticipated. Her particular interest is ‘seed beads and vintage’ and she just ‘loves to play with beads’. She shared stories about some of the vintage beads she’s acquired, experiences in Tucson, friendships she’s developed through beading, and how the store got its name. Members had a chance to ask questions and view some of her personal work after the talk.

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