October 19 Annual Business Meeting

Every annual meeting has three main activities: treasurer's report, voting for the members' choice Challenge winners and filling vacant officers' seats.

This year, three important positions were open: President elect, Vice-president Special Events and Treasurer. Allyn Steffan agreed to continue on in the role of Treasurer. Helen Dahms lead the nominating committee for the remaining openings with one person running for each position. Bonnie DeSautelle and Maureen Bartz each gave a brief talk on their experience in LBS and their reasons for wanting to take on the new role.

The vote was unanimous with no nominations from the floor. Our 2016 Officer's Slate will be  President Katy Hess , President elect Bonnie DeSautelle, Vice-President-Programs Cindy Collins, Vice-President Special Events Maureen Bartz, Treasurer Allyn Steffan, and Secretary Becky Prusak.

This year, 19 people accepted the Crayon Box Challenge, designing a piece using crayon colors they chose blindly. Three people identified their work as 'beginner', four people submitted 'advanced' pieces and the remainder were self-identified 'intermediates'. As always, the range of work was broad with several fabric/fiber pieces or other mediums. 

Choosing three winners was a challenge of its own.

A big thank you to all those who entered the Crayon Box Challenge. The entries were beautiful and varied, and the display drew an enthusiastic crowd of admirers at the October LBS meeting.

The winners by popular vote:

First Place -- Kathy Willmering
Runner Up -- Carole Milos

First Place -- Sue Bennett
Runner Up -- Toni Fohey
Runner Up -- Sue Grimyser

First Place -- Karen Radke
Runner Up -- Barb Grobschmidt

The photos below are in no particular order: l to r Karen Radke, Barb Grobschmidt, Kathy Willmering and Toni Fohy. Carole Milos and Sue Bennett left before a photo could be taken.


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