September 14 Meeting

Geek + Art = TechnoFashion was the topic of September’s membership meeting. Robin Lawson of Lumen Electronic Jewelry shared the story behind her company. Founded in 2010, it was inspired by Fourth of July fireworks or her father’s blinking conference pin. (Which story is true depends on who’s telling it.) Robin blended her Mechanical Engineering background and her bead weaving experience into her very unique style of jewelry.

Each design goes through ten generations. Her first design, the dragon fly has six layers on the circuit board and mini solar panels. She took members through her six production steps sharing tips for do-it-yourselfers and options for other methods of adding electronics to jewelry or clothing.

The final portion of her talk was on business matters. She shared some of the things she has discovered on her journey and was open to comments from the members. Afterwards she showed some of her designs and kits. Robin also teaches young people often as part of STEM programs and Girl Scout events.

Here are some photos from the meeting. Click to enlarge.: 


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