July Meeting "What We Learned at B&B 2015"

It was a busy meeting with lots of announcements including an invitation to participate in the Great TV Auction Jewelry Contest. More information will be posted as soon as the official contest website has the information loaded. Our own Amy Burns, assistant director of the auction, was on-hand to share the rules, deadlines, and, of course, PRIZES. Applications were available at the meeting. 

President Kathy Merrill and incoming President Katy Hess both made appeals for people to consider taking a leadership role. Nominations are being accepted for the next incoming president and the election will be held at the October meeting.

There were more than 17 people queued up to talk about the projects they had made and classes they took at the 2015 B&B Show. Several people had more than one piece to display. Cindy Collins quizzed them about their strategy for choosing classes and members were forthcoming about their favorite teachers and techniques.

Here are some photos from the meeting and after: 

And here are some examples of the work on display. You can see there was quite a variety of techniques:

Note: the charm instructions for June, July and August will be available soon.


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