June Meeting "Beadnik's Sally Roesler aka Salai Lama Spills the Beads"

With more than 26 years of experience and dozens of buying trips to southeast Asia, Sally Roesler, the guest speaker at the June meeting, had a wealth of stories to share. Beadniks, her retail store, began after returning from an 18 month trip touring countries in southeast Asia where she had amassed a wide assortment of gift-type items. Initially she sold her findings at a flea market on Martha’s Vineyard but that led to a storefront at the invitation of another vendor who saw the potential of selling the organic and ethnic beads and wares she had. Soon she was selling wholesale as 'The Bead Goes On' and showing at the New York Boutique Show. Eventually, with her second husband’s encouragement, she began franchising the store. There are now three stores (after a high of 18 prior to the recession of 2008) including one in Chicago and at the Mall of America. The original 'Bead Goes On' storefront was moved to Virginia Beach in 2013.


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