May 19 Meeting With Jan Hubbard of Jan's Gems

Jan Hubbard of Jan’s Gems shared her journey to working with vintage jewelry at May’s meeting. Her personal preference is jewelry from the 1940s and 1950s. She finds the components more substantial and the workmanship less machine produced than modern jewelry. While the metals from that period may not be silver or gold, she explained, the stones may be precious and developing an eye for recognizing them takes time.

Along with where to look for vintage jewelry, she shared a few design tips and recommended “Never Dull”, available in hardware stores and antique shops, for cleaning and polishing most types of jewelry. Her preferred glue is Zap which can only be found at Greenfield News and Hobby at 68th and Layton Avenue. She emphasized caution when using it as she told the story of her trip to the hospital to get her fingers separated after inadvertently gluing them together.

After her presentation, she answered questions and shared examples of some of her completed work.

(Click to enlarge image)

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