January 20, 2014

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Apparently, there are a lot of aspiring author/artists in the LBS group judging by the number in attendance at the frosty January meeting. The Kalmbach publishing group was well represented by Julie Gerlach for Bead and Button magazine, Annie Pennington for Art Jewelry magazine, and Kelsey Lawler for Bead Style magazine. Dianne Wheeler was also there representing the Kalmbach book publishing group. Attendees were given the low-down on how the publication process works from submission to final publication.

Some highlights from the presentation included:

How to submit your ideas: The panel recommended using the online magazine submission page found here for Bead and Button, here for Bead Style and here for Art Jewelry. The book submission process works differently with the more traditional query letter required. (Click here for more book submission details.) The group stressed some of the benefits of working with Kalmbach including their nearby location and their quick response time - usually in no longer than six weeks and often far less.

Requirements of the author/artist: What each magazine requires from the author/artist varies from magazine to magazine but the rule of thumb seems to be each title needs a complete supply list and the finished jewelry in-hand. Bead Style needs the least by way of instructions and process photos and Art Jewelry needs the most. For books, on the other hand, the author is completely responsible for the process instructions and the rough process illustrations.

Legal details: Like with any publishing venture, contracts must be agreed on and signed. For magazines the entire publication process is usually completed within months but books can extend to years. Right now, Kalmbach book publishing is working on filling their 2016 calendar. The magazines have also been known to hold a project for longer than a year because they don’t have room until a later publication. Payment varies. Book author/artists receive royalties while magazine author/artists are paid on a per page basis which is either determined up-front at the time the contract is signed or once the lay-out has been formulated. $100 per page is the current rate.

Printing and marketing: the Kalmbach panel covered the actual in-house step-by-step process which condenses into a lot of collaboration between the editorial and art departments. Checking for accuracy and clarification is on-going. Before sending the completed copy to the printer, the author/artist gets to review and tweak the final copy for any further clarification. (Note: authors do get questions from readers so be careful, detailed instructions are important.) Book author/artists more than magazine author/artists are being called upon to assist with the marketing of new books. Social media, book signings, and presentations are all tools Kalmbach uses and encourages from its authors.

There was a lot of information shared by the panel but the over-riding message they brought to the evening was to give publication a try. They are always looking for material for their magazines and new book ideas and the LBS members are a great source of talent – so give it a try.

Also on display at the meeting were more examples for the Spring retreat.... (Click on images to enlarge.)

and the Cinderella Project.


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